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Are You
Sober Curious?

What is the Sober Curious movement?  Over the past several years a movement has been growing where people are re-thinking their relationship with alcohol and drugs.  The movement is growing ever stronger thanks to things like "dry January", Non-Alcoholic beers and spirits, and even Non-Alcoholic bars and restaurants where you can experiment with "mocktails" that believe it or not taste very much like the real thing.

In the following pages are articles and videos about substance use, substance abuse and recovery.  Take a look, comment if you wish, and see if anything strikes your interest.

Articles, Quotes, and links to helpful information

"I hate the idea of people being stuck in the trap of AUD even a minute longer than they need to....because I believe everyone has a purpose to live and a reason they are on this earth, and over-consumption of alcohol just completely robs that from you. Please don't ever give up...please keep going...please keep fighting for your future self because there is so much waiting for you on the other side." 

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Jeff Erikson discusses addiction and recovery

Part I

Part II

Untreated and Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America


The One You Feed

SMART Recovery

Heart of the Matter

Recovery Elevator

The Mindfulness Experience

Dr. Fred Muench discusses using your breath to trigger behavior change



Comparing daily drivers of problem drinking among older and younger adults:

Evidence for the Efficacy of Naltrexone in the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence(Alcoholism)

Medical marijuana doesn't help anxiety and depression and doubles addiction risk, new study finds


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