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Navigating in Woods

What is a Recovery Coach?

For anyone trying to recover from a substance use disorder, a support network is crucial.  While family, friends, sponsors, medical and mental health professionals can all play a role, a Recovery Coach meets a special need.  Just like a sports coach, this person stands by your side throughout your recovery journey - motivating, guiding and supporting you to succeed.

I will meet you where you are.  Whether you are just starting to feel that you need help, or you have been trying to get sober for years, I will help you define and reach your goals.

I will help you interact with, and get support from others like you.  I will help you find a community of like minded people who have been where you are and have found a way out.  I will introduce you to new ways of calming your brain, without resorting to old habits. And...I will keep you accountable!

Recovery coaching has been shown to improve recovery rates, reduce relapse rates, and improve quality of life for the subject and their loved ones. 


After 35 years as an executive in Corporate America, my penchant for drinking caught up with me.  Only then did I realize I needed to surrender my illusion of control and work towards a sober life. 


I understand the executive life-style...the power, the money, the stress.  And because of that I am uniquely able to coach executives how to get sober, stay sober, and enjoy life while you are doing it. 

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